Winter Sun

On 20 January 2011, in Seascape, by Petra

Dun Laoghaire harbour in morning sun in January taken from beginning of East peir with parts of the pier and the two lighthouses. No ships and no coast line due to fog

The frost is back in Ireland so I took my camera with me this morning on my walk along the East Pier in Dun Laoghaire. This is my favourite picture of the series as it shows the freshness and calmness of the morning with the sun already helping that everything gets a bit warmer again.
In summer you would have several boats anchored in the harbour and usually you see the coastline between Dublin and Howth behind the lighthouses. But this morning we had some fog and the simplicity of the scene caught my eye.
It was the first time for me that I was on the pier while fog came in since 11th January when fog horns were decommissioned in Ireland. So the lights in the lighthouses went on but it was silent which was kind of weird. It seems there are at least for Dun Laoghaire discussions going on to reverse the decision.


3 Responses to Winter Sun

  1. Sarah says:

    Beautiful photo Petra, I can “almost” hear the fog horns. I do hope they bring them back.

  2. You caught a beautiful picture there. I love the simplicity and the light.
    I remember on cold foggy nights hearing the Dun Laoghaire fog horn in Ballybrack. There was something very comforting about it.

  3. aafke says:

    Love the feel, the light, the colour and the open arms of the sea

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