Upwards we go

On 12 January 2011, in Urban, by Petra

Iron stairs with railing going upwards to right with shadows

So to celebrate my new blog and everything else new that will happen to me in 2011 I thought this picture I took during our photowalk in Galway early December last year is appropriate – upwards to new and mostly unknown new shores.
N.B. I had this picture in this months monthly competition in my camera club and yesterday was the judging. It wasn’t for the judge. He would’ve preferred to have at least someone walking on the stairs to make it less still and graphic. Well, exactly the graphical aspect was what I was going for.
So I hope you agree with me and like this picture like I do – and my new blog too.


7 Responses to Upwards we go

  1. David Ferrie says:

    Lovely photo, blog/page design, well done and best of luck

  2. Paul Timon says:

    I’m with you. I thought Des was too harsh. I also thought some of his marks seemed off and then we all saw how 40 became 45 in less seconds!

    • Petra says:

      From what I heard (I was late) he judged on the spot. Well, he should be used to that, but mixing up novice and advanced, changing those points and giving only negative comments but 42 points didn’t give confidence in the judging. But done and dusted now.

  3. Dear Petra, I absolutely agree with you. I quite like the disturbing effect this picture has (visual drug:-) and a person on the stairs would ruin this disorientation/interestingness.

    Best wishes


    • Petra says:

      Thanks Andreas :-) Suppose I just had bad luck with the judge. He was very much into people photography, which is nice too, just not my cup of tea so far.

  4. Petra says:

    Fabulous picture, congratulations! Next time, wait for a bird to sit on the bannister and then wait again until it takes off. Snap. Easy-peasy. Isn’t it great to have a few expert bullshitters as friends?

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