St. Peters

On 21 June 2011, in Urban, by Petra

St. Peters portal in Drogheda loogind sideways up with blue sky on the right hand side of picture

I got a little shock when Aafke commented earlier she was hoping for a new picture here and I saw the last post is two months ago.
I hope to go back to more frequent updates now. (I know I said similar before)

But to talk about this picture:
Today is summer solstice. Which involves two things: It is summer, there is sun and therefore it should be a lovely mild long day. Somehow that doesn’t work in Ireland this year at all. So far there was hardly a day without rain. And today was one with heavy rain. Yesterday evening I even switched on the heating again.

But Saturday week we were very lucky with our photowalk in Drogheda. We had a day full of sunshine between days of rain. So we spent some time on the stairs outside St. Peter’s Church enjoying the sunshine and the icecream. But with a camera always in your hand you tend to look around from time to time so I happened to stand sideways to the church and looked up to see this angle which I liked.

It’s one of my favourite pictures of the day, especially on a rainy day like today.


4 Responses to St. Peters

  1. Donal Moore says:

    Didja get to see Oliver Plunkett’s head inside?

  2. Dan King says:

    Wow! Love it Petra.

  3. aafke says:

    woohoo, petra ! didn’t want to throw you into stress, but am truly glad you uploaded this nice pic of st.peter’s. you must have been lying on your back to get this shot. great stuff, girl!

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