Red Roses

On 11 February 2011, in Still Life, by Petra

Bunch of several dark red roses taken from above

Some of you have or might have noticed that this blog was down and buggy for a few days – due to me moving it from a Microsoft server to a Linux server so that I could get rid of a few technical issues.
And probably the same people know that I was part of a group of people from that visited last Saturday for an indoor photowalk with not much walking involved – but the perfect surrounding in the rain we had that day and a great opportunity to take pictures of unusual flowers, arranged flowers and anything else you find in a flower warehouse.
These roses were probably the most photographed object on the day – both in process and the finished arrangement as that bunch consists of no less than 100 roses and obviously it took some time and work to get it finished.
As roses and especially red ones are one of my favourite flowers I think this is an appropriate picture to celebrate the survival of my blog inbetween server :-)


6 Responses to Red Roses

  1. Stephen says:

    Ooh, I like your take on his. Not sure if you cropped, but this really works well. Sumptuous colour that makes you want to dive in!

  2. sharon says:

    ooh. velvety. and very seasonally apt ;) nice shot Petra.

  3. Nuria says:

    Love them, love the full frame!!

  4. Lovely voluptuous shot Petra.

  5. Shane Murphy says:

    There were so many of those, you could stand far away & still fill the frame. Lovely shot Petra.
    Call me a cynic, but I can’t stop wondering what the guy [i'm presuming] did to warrant sending 100 beautiful red roses.

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