Red Roses

On 11 February 2011, in Still Life, by Petra

Bunch of several dark red roses taken from above

Some of you have or might have noticed that this blog was down and buggy for a few days – due to me moving it from a Microsoft server to a Linux server so that I could get rid of a few technical issues.
And probably the same people know that I was part of a group of people from that visited last Saturday for an indoor photowalk with not much walking involved – but the perfect surrounding in the rain we had that day and a great opportunity to take pictures of unusual flowers, arranged flowers and anything else you find in a flower warehouse.
These roses were probably the most photographed object on the day – both in process and the finished arrangement as that bunch consists of no less than 100 roses and obviously it took some time and work to get it finished.
As roses and especially red ones are one of my favourite flowers I think this is an appropriate picture to celebrate the survival of my blog inbetween server :-)


Evening in Bettystown

On 30 January 2011, in Seascape, by Petra

I suppose this picture has been taken already thousands of times. But I walked towards this tower for the first time this evening. Together with a friend who moved to Bettystown a few months ago. I visited her already a few times and as she lives right beside the beach we’d always go for a walk but never had the time to go the whole way. She first thought I would be far too late arriving at around 4pm. But it turned out that the days are already much longer again and it was the perfect time for a lovely walk.


Winter Food

On 25 January 2011, in Still Life, by Petra

I don’t really miss the snow and am glad I can walk and drive around again without slipping. But snow does create some lovely pictures. Especially in sunshine and coming across something like this where someone laid out food for the birds and animals in the forest. I hope they enjoyed their Christmas treat.


Winter Sun

On 20 January 2011, in Seascape, by Petra

Dun Laoghaire harbour in morning sun in January taken from beginning of East peir with parts of the pier and the two lighthouses. No ships and no coast line due to fog

The frost is back in Ireland so I took my camera with me this morning on my walk along the East Pier in Dun Laoghaire. This is my favourite picture of the series as it shows the freshness and calmness of the morning with the sun already helping that everything gets a bit warmer again.
In summer you would have several boats anchored in the harbour and usually you see the coastline between Dublin and Howth behind the lighthouses. But this morning we had some fog and the simplicity of the scene caught my eye.
It was the first time for me that I was on the pier while fog came in since 11th January when fog horns were decommissioned in Ireland. So the lights in the lighthouses went on but it was silent which was kind of weird. It seems there are at least for Dun Laoghaire discussions going on to reverse the decision.


Ghost Ship

On 14 January 2011, in Urban, by Petra

Close up of derelict light ship with three ropes

Last night we had our first photowalk of the year, a nightwalk along the Docklands of Dublin. Most of my pictures from this walk emphasise on the spooky atmosphere there at night which is luckily still left despite all the development in the area.
The light ship near the Point always fascinates me so yesterday was no different. Usually I would try to take a picture that shows the broken windows or the rubbish on it, this time the ropes catched my eye and the picture basically came out exactly the way I had it in mind.