For my friend

On 13 April 2011, in People, by Petra

Nightshot of Bridie, a friend of Danny O'Brien, holding a Chinese Latern ready for take off

Unfortunately I again didn’t take any pictures since the last photowalk. But if pictures like this are a result of taking less pictures, I am ok with that.

Most of you who come accross this blog know, that we had a special photowalk last Saturday. I think for everyone it was a special one in a different, very personal way. For those who knew Danny for years as being part of his family or photography friends it was probably more about remembering and for the others who never or only once had the chance to meet him it was about making new memories.

I am in the second group. I only started on the photography forum of end of 2008 so I met Danny on the photo-yearbook-launch in 2009. I didn’t even get to talk to him, but that wasn’t necessary to sense that he was a very special person.
And due to the fact that many of my friends were close friends with him he somehow became my friend too.
On Saturday now I was together with these friends and his family and friends I haven’t met before. So for me the day was about getting to know Danny better and the life he enjoyed so much with his friends and family.

Dónall, Danny’s son, organised Chinese Laterns. So the official end of the photowalk was sending them off into the air. A very nice and peaceful ceremony. I was a bit torn between taking pictures and just enjoying it by looking.
But I am glad I took a few and obviously this is one of them. Thanks to Facebook and their tagging feature Bridie now has the picture too as she is a long time friend of Danny who I haven’t met before.

To me a perfect summary of the day and about friendship.


Spring Lamb

On 20 March 2011, in Nature, by Petra

Head of lamb recently born

This weekend some of my friends went on a photowalk in Belfast where the 6th (and as we now know last) Irish Blog Awards took place. Several of them were long listed and Shane Murphy was even under the last five. He might not have won in the end but to be in the last five is an achievement in itself and from what I hear, they all had a great walk and later night at the awards.

I couldn’t make it unfortunately due to other plans. One of them was a little outing with us volunteers and the staff of the Pavilion Theatre in Dun Laoghaire to Airfield in Dundrum, a working farm basically in the middle of town.
It was the first time for me there and a perfect time. Spring, sunshine and everything that goes with it. This little fella was quite vivid and his mother gave out to him several times. So it was a bit tricky to get him, but I think this shows him well.
And I have to say I enjoyed my own little photowalk a lot.



On 28 February 2011, in Still Life, by Petra

Bow of a ships wreck at low tide

The weekend before last I joined another photowalk. This time a two days walk (I should say drive) to Hook Head and Dunmore East – with stops inbetween. The Saturday was mainly foggy and on Sunday it started to rain from lunchtime on. But that couldn’t really effect our mood. We enjoyed the days and actually the weather put a special mood into the pictures. I think especially this ship wreck in Saltmills and in addition at low tide works better on a dull day.


Early days of Spring

On 24 February 2011, in Nature, by Petra

Pink magnolia with some bud in colour already against a deep blue sky
For the last few days we had spring in Dublin. This might change again, but not only people are enjoying the first warm days, nature as well. My neighbour has a magnolia tree that gets into blossom early anyhow, but it’s very nice to see it starts again.



On 13 February 2011, in People, by Petra

Picture of Damien, owner of Trinity Barbers, with his back towards a mirror where you can see his back and his employee.
It’s not very often that I take pictures of people. And I don’t know exactly why, as they usually feel comfortable with me taking their picture and I’m usually quite happy with the results. So I suppose it’s just something I should do more often.
This pictures was taken last Thursday on another photowalk, this time a night walk down Grafton Street and towards the Central Bank in Dublin. I was taking a picture of the barber shop sign (which actually didn’t turn out the way I was hoping) when Damien, the owner, came back to his shop and offered me to take a picture inside and of him. I obviously was a bit irritated but nonetheless nosy so I did and ended up with this picture I’m quite happy with.