Old and New

On 18 September 2011, in Urban, by Petra

part of a flag in orange with chinese signs on t at a blue border in front of the tall building at Grand Canal Basin in Dublin

This picture is an example what can go wrong in photography so it will never get printed. But nonetheless I like it so I thought I post it.

The story behind it:
Last weekend there were Dragonboat races on the Grand Canal Basin in Dublin. I was part of it together with some colleagues and friends of the co-working office where I work most days. Nonetheless I brought my camera with me but obviously didn’t concentrate purely on photography. And due to the moving subject I changed from time to time to aperture priority on my camera as oposed to manual what I usually prefer.
So being used to correct both aperture and exposure before I take a picture I stayed in the habit of changing two components and not just aperture.  And ended up changing the camera correction which resulted in some very dark pictures when I forgot that I was not on manual mode.

But I liked this combination of the chinese flag representing the old tradition of Dragon Boats in front of the modern building so I worked on the levels. Usually not a big deal but in this case it resulted in unusual colours – in my eye – an effect that I nonetheless like.

The title of this post represents to me both the composition and the process so in this case I add the original (old) picture too:


2 Responses to Old and New

  1. Paul Timon says:

    Still like it…

  2. aafke says:

    like it too (plus the way Art sneaked into it !)

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