Evening in Bettystown

On 30 January 2011, in Seascape, by Petra

I suppose this picture has been taken already thousands of times. But I walked towards this tower for the first time this evening. Together with a friend who moved to Bettystown a few months ago. I visited her already a few times and as she lives right beside the beach we’d always go for a walk but never had the time to go the whole way. She first thought I would be far too late arriving at around 4pm. But it turned out that the days are already much longer again and it was the perfect time for a lovely walk.


6 Responses to Evening in Bettystown

  1. Something really calming about this shot – very nice. It is great that the evenings are getting longer, but I must try some night shots and take advantage of the dark while we have it!

  2. aafke says:

    I so much love the touch of red in this ‘reflective’ scene

  3. Dan King says:

    Very nice Petra. The reflection really adds to the final image

  4. aafke says:

    i can see all pics on your re-newed blog… happy me, happy you! …and now -knowing you’re far too busy at the moment- i’m waiting for the next upload

    • Petra says:

      And all better here too :-) – even subscription finally works…Have already a pic in mind to upload next, maybe already tonight.

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