On 28 February 2011, in Still Life, by Petra

Bow of a ships wreck at low tide

The weekend before last I joined another photowalk. This time a two days walk (I should say drive) to Hook Head and Dunmore East – with stops inbetween. The Saturday was mainly foggy and on Sunday it started to rain from lunchtime on. But that couldn’t really effect our mood. We enjoyed the days and actually the weather put a special mood into the pictures. I think especially this ship wreck in Saltmills and in addition at low tide works better on a dull day.


4 Responses to Beauty

  1. It’s funny isn’t it that the fog that annoyed us, turns out to be an aid. I like the title of this – ‘Beauty’ – because the wreck in all its vulnerability, is beautiful.

  2. Nicely captured Petra. Like the angle you chose to shoot it.

  3. aafke says:

    from the place you shot this, the beauty can clearly be seen.

  4. David Ferrie says:

    Can’t believe I missed seeing this shot earlier. Love the point of view you got for this one.

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