Hi and welcome to my photoblog where I upload those of my pictures that I like especially.
This blog is mainly to show my pictures in a different way then I can on flickr.com and pix.ie.
I own the copyright for all pictures on this website.  If you like them and want to use them please contact me first petra@xiaphotos.com.

As some people wonder how I got XIA for my online appearance: Shortly before I needed my first username I’ve been on holidays to France. One town I liked especially was Aix-en-Provence. As I wanted a short username (my real name is long enough), I went for AIX. That was back in Germany. In April 2006 I moved to Ireland. Joining the online community here I somehow wanted a slightly different name so I just reversed it to XIA – not realising it’s chinese with many meanings, one of them Glow of the sunrise. But I liked this meaning so I kept it.

Now enjoy my little space in the web and don’t hesitate to comment. Even constructive criticism is very welcome. There’s always something to learn :-)

Thanks for stopping by,



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